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Vista Engineering is a leading manufacturer of wall ties, fixings and complimentary ancillary products. Our reputation has been established by listening to the needs of our customers for more than thirty years and by fulfilling the demand for high-quality products.

Vista products are supplied via distributors and merchants throughout the UK and EIRE. For availability in your area please contact our sales offices.

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Wall Ties

A range of wall tie products specifically designed to secure wall skins and framework together to provide structural integrity through various forms of movement and force. A wide-ranging choice of ties and fixings has been developed to provide the maximum performance for any combination of materials used on a project.

Bead & Mesh

Beads designed to give true corners and edges to plaster and render internally and externally for all conditions; finishing with good resistance to cracking, chipping and impact damage on corners and edges. Standard and security grade mesh products used as a key for plaster internally and render externally and can be fixed to brick / block work, timber, steel and concrete using various proprietary fixings to provide a smooth even finish where required.


A range of metalwork products designed to assist in the fixing of timber joists, trusses, wall plates etc. when connecting timber floor and roof systems to the main masonry structure. Supplied from pre-galvanised material to either BS EN 10346 DX51D Z275 or BS EN 10346 DX51D+Z600 where a heavier coating is required and also available in Stainless Steel 304 Grade Austenitic.