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DPS Drive-In Fence Post Spike
Code Size Spike Length Pack Qty.
DPS/50/600* 50 x 50mm 450mm 8
DPS/75/600* 75 x 75mm 450mm 8
DPS/75/750* 75 x 75mm 600mm 8
DPS/100/750* 100 x 100mm 600mm 8

* Product code refers to overall length of component, i.e. 450mm spike plus 150mm shoe = 600 code.

Benefits of using PowaPost® Post Supports

  • PowaPost® is cost effective – uses shorter posts and no concrete required.
  • PowaPost® saves time and effort – no digging and quick, easy installation.
  • PowaPost® design – protects timber from water, fungal and insect damage.
  • Powder coated.


Suitable for most ground conditions, simply drive the spike into the ground using the PowaPost® driving tool. The four fin spike is designed for easy insertion with minimal twisting, and secure anchorage into the ground.

The Twin Bolt arrangement mechanically tightens around the post allowing easy removal of damaged or rotten posts.