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SP Splice Plate
Code L – W – B UNITS
SP/57×400 400 x 57 x 18mm 1 Box*
SP/82×550 550 x 82 x 18mm 1 Box*
SP/98×550 550 x 98 x 18mm 1 Box*
SP/100×350 350 x 100 x 15mm 1 Box*

*Box includes required nails. Box quantity 32 pieces + nails.

An economical on-site method of butt jointing timbers of similar section. Suitable for use when replacing rotten floor joist ends, replacement of fire damaged timbers and repairing localised structural timber damage.

  • Material – Manufactured from 0.9mm thick steel.
  • Fixing – Must be fixed in sets of 4 per joint, minimum timber thickness 50mm.  Fix using either Type A or Type B fixings in all pre-punched holes:
    • Type A, 30mm x 3.75mm Sheradised Square Twist Nails usually supplied loose for manual fixing.
    • Type B, 35mm x 3.75mm Sheradised Square Twist Nails usually collated for nail gun fixing.