Head Restraints

19 October, 2022

What are head restraints for?

Head restraints secure the upper portions of freestanding walls by fastening them firmly to an overhead structure. Thereby preventing lateral movement. Install these restraints to allow slight vertical movement and accommodate material expansion. They find application in internal block walls or the inner layer of cavity walls within framed structures. At Vista, we offer high-quality head restraint solutions made from grade 304 stainless steel, designed to fit wall thickness ranging 100mm to 140mm.

At Vista we offer two different types of head restraints: VIR/VIRH and VHR

VIR / VIRH Internal Head Restraint

Internal Head Restraint

The VIR / VIRH allows vertical movement between the inner leaf of the structure by using a tubular sleeve which sits in the vertical joint. The foot of the tube system is is designed to be built into the bed joint. The sliding head is bolted to the structural soffit and slides within the sleeve. Our VIR/VIHR can be fixed to either concrete, steel or timber. It is capable of restraining loads of up 1.5kN. The restraint is positioned at 450mm or 900mm centres depending on the load. For situations where a small amount of movement along the plane of the wall is preferable, use the slotted VIRH (e.g. to accommodate longer expansion jointed walls). Available for specification on the NBS Source platform.

VHR Head Restraint

Head Restraint

The VHR is a very simple, economical head restraint product. The two-part system clamps the top of the masonry to hold its position, with the shorter part being bolted into the soffit to secure the blockwork. Twice holed to accommodate 100 or 140mm walls, whilst manufacturing is also available to fit 215mm blockwork. It is capable of restraining loads up to 0.75kN and are generally positioned at 450mm to 900mm depending on this load. Available for specification on the NBS Source platform.

If you would like any further information on any of these products, please email marketing@vistaeng.co.uk or call 01663 736 700..

All our head restraints are available for specification on the NBS Source platform.


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