15 October, 2020

Movement Ties

Movement ties allow masonry walls to be tied back to other structures, (steelwork or masonry) providing restraint in one direction but allowing movement in the other. This is achieved by placing a debonding sleeve over the part of the tie which is to be embedded in the wall, allowing the tie to move within the sleeve. Also used in movement joints where they occur in long runs of brickwork, the ties spanning over a vertical joint preventing vertical movement but allowing horizontal expansion and contraction.

At Vista we offer four options, the SPE/B20 Safety Plain End Tie/Blank, the V7PE Plain End Frame Cramp, the V8PE Dovetail Plain End Tie and the V63PE Plain End Clasp Tie.

SPE/B20 Safety Plain End Tie/Blank – Movement Ties

Used over a movement joint in a run of brickwork or blockwork with safety embedment detail or plain end (B20). (Sleeve supplied as extra).

V7PE Plain End Frame Cramp

Used for restraining masonry to steelwork whilst allowing lateral movement. (Sleeve supplied as extra).

V8PE Dovetail Plain End Tie

This product allows lateral movement between masonry and a fixed channel or slot. (Sleeve supplied as extra).

V63PE Plain End Clasp Tie

Used for side fixing a steel column to masonry whilst allowing lateral movement. (Sleeve supplied as extra).

V36 Debonding Sleeves

Debonding sleeve to allow for movement of the ties listed above (a 25mm wide sleeve is required for channel ties). Debonding sleeves should have a 10mm gap left at end to allow for movement once installed.

If you are unsure which of our four movement ties you need then please call the office who can discuss your requirements.

For further information about which wall tie to use for non movement specific projects please read our recent blog post, “Which Wall Ties should I use?” or contact the office on 01663 736 700.