Neutras – Low thermal conductivity wall ties

5 January, 2017

low thermal conductivity wall ties

A new twist on wall ties.

The Neutras low thermal conductivity wall tie, developed by Vista, is a revolutionary product designed to assist builders in meeting energy efficiency regulations for new construction projects. This article highlights the benefits and features of the Neutras ties, emphasising their contribution to reducing heat loss and simplifying compliance with energy efficiency targets.

The strong, durable low thermal tie

Neutras ties, made form basalt fiber, posses remarkable thermal properties, being 15 to 20 times less conductive than steel. Unlike traditional wall ties, Neutras helps prevent “cold bridging”, a common source of heat loss between the inner and outer layers of a cavity wall. Builders can rely on Neutras ties to enhance energy efficiency while complying with regulations on thermal performance.

In addition to its superior thermal conductivity, basalt fiber exhibits exceptional strength, surpassing stainless steel ties in both tensile and compressive strength. Neutras ties offer 4 to 5 times the tensile strength of stainless steel ties and demonstrate higher compression strength compared to other fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) products. Furthermore, the durability of basalt fiber ensures the Neutras ties are resistant to rust and corrosion,

BBA certified

Certified by the British Board of Agrément (BBA), Neutras meets rigorous standards, including a 60-minute fire resistance rating and compliance with NHBC technical performance requirements. This certification provides assurance of the tie’s quality and performance.

Vista’s engineering team has incorporated several innovative features into the Neutras tie. The most significant of these is a spiral shaft surface that eliminates the need for additional drip rings. This design not only promotes excellent mortar bonding but also provides a secure seating for the soft insulation clips used to secure insulation batts effectively.

Vista’s engineers have incorporated a number of performance features into the Neutras tie itself. The most important of which is a spiral shaft surface that does away with the need for additional drip rings. This also has the advantage of bonding extremely well with mortar and providing a firm seating for the soft insulation clips used to hold insulation batts in place.

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