New Retail Packaging for Starter Te 10 Packs

23 February, 2021

Vista Engineering Group has launched new packaging for their SST Starter Tie 10 Packs.

The packaging has been designed with Euroslots for ease of display in builders merchants trade counter/shop areas.

It is the second product within the Vista range to use the new packaging following the successful launch of the VE4 Housing Tie packaging towards the end of 2020.

Dave Bean, Business Development Manager explains ” With the lockdown coming to an end and a sense of normality returning, we’re hoping to see increased footfall in the merchants.  The new packaging will add a great deal of visibility to the starter ties increasing the likelihood that builders will pick them up when they’re collecting other related products.”

Samples are available on request from or by calling Head Office on 01663 736 700.


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