Product Development Notice

12 September, 2019

As part of our ongoing commitment to continuous product development we have improved the design of a number of our wall ties.

The wall ties that have been improved are:

V7PE – Plain End Frame Cramp
V63PE – Plain End Clasp Tie
VE7 – Frame Cramp
VE7D – Frame Cramp With Drip
V7H – Frame Cramp Dowel Hole
V96 – Wire Frame Cramp
V63 – Clasp Tie
V97 – Wire Clasp Tie
Previously the tie head had three holes, two small and one 9mm.  The smaller holes have traditionally been used when fixing the ties with nails and the 9mm hole where a heavier duty fixing is required.  The new design removes the two smaller holes and reduces the size of the larger hole from 9mm to 7mm.  These alterations increase the strength of the products.

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