The new Vista TiePac

8 September, 2017

Less waste in the palm of your hand 

TiePac is a clever packaging idea from Vista Engineering to help bricklayers keep their wall ties neatly to hand and for contractors to save money by reducing the number of ties going to waste on each project.

Each handy TiePac slab holds fifty standard VE4 ties and fits comfortably into the palm of the hand. Whenever a tie is needed, it can be simply plucked off the retaining clips and pushed into place in the mortar bed, making blocklaying quicker.

Tiepac saves time on site because there’s no need to separate single ties from a loose bundle. It saves money because ties are less likely to get lost or fall down inside the cavity, and because any half-used slabs can be packed securely away, ready for the next job. And it helps with the site clean-up and waste compliance because fewer ties get left behind.

TiePac can be ordered in boxes of five – holding 250 ties in total – from your local merchant.

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