Timber frame wall ties

25 August, 2020

Timber frame wall ties are structural connectors designed to join the timber frame of a building to its external masonry or brickwork. The use of wall ties is a critical aspect of timber frame construction, as it helps to prevent structural damage due to differential movement between the timber frame and the masonry or brickwork.

In the United Kingdom, the Building Regulations Approved Document A requires that wall ties be installed in accordance with BS EN 845-1:2013, which provides guidelines for the design and installation of wall ties for use with masonry construction. The standard specifies requirements for the materials, dimensions, and corrosion protection of wall ties, as well as the spacing and orientation of ties along the wall.

The selection of wall ties is dependent on several factors, including the type of masonry or brickwork, the location of the building, and the environmental conditions.

Vista offers three types of timber frame wall ties; the V61 Timber Frame Tie, the Helical Tie and the V62 High Movement Timber Frame Tie. Each of these ties conform to BS5268-6: 1:1996. These wall ties are specifically designed to secure an inner timber frame to an outer brick skin while absorbing substantial vertical movement between the brick and timber, all while performing their structural function.

V61 Timber Frame Tie

Timber frame wall tie product imageTimber frame wall ties in situ image

The V61 Time Frame Tie is a Type B (sound) and Type 6 (strength) wall tie made of stainless steel that can accommodate 24mm of differential vertical movement between the masonry and timber leaves of a building. It is suitable for use in domestic dwellings and small commercial buildings up to 4 storeys, with cavities of 50-100mm. The tie is supplied complete with 50mm x 3.5mm stainless steel annular ring nails and is also available with 50mm x 4.0mm stainless screw for SIPS panels.

Helical Tie

Helical timber frame wall tie product imageHelical timber frame wall ties in situ image

The Helical Tie is a 4.5mm Newbuild wall tie suitable for domestic and commercial timber frame buildings up to 4 storeys with wider cavities of up to 165mm. This tie can accommodate maximum vertical differential movement of 24mm and is the first helical wall tie tested as a type 6 (strength) tie to EN846 for timber frame construction.

V62 High Movement Timber Frame Tie

Channel and Strip Tie System for timber frame buildings - Product ImageChannel and Strip Tie System for timber frame buildings - In situ Image

The V62 High Movement Timber Frame Tie is a channel and strip tie system suitable for timber frame domestic dwellings and commercial buildings of between 5 and 7 storeys (max 18m). It can accommodate maximum vertical differential movement of 65mm and is designed for cavities from 50-100mm. The tie is supplied with 50mm x 40mm stainless steel screws (250 per box)

Timber frame wall ties are an important component of timber frame construction, as they help to ensure the structural integrity of the building and prevent damage from movement or settlement. It is important that wall ties are installed correctly and in accordance with building regulations to ensure that the building is safe and secure.

If you are unsure which of our three timber frame wall ties you need, please call our office, and we will be happy to discuss your requirements with you. For more technical information on wall ties, please red our blog post titled “Which Wall Ties should I use?” or contact our office on 01663 736 700.

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