Plaster and Render Beads

The following beads are designed to give true corners and edges to plaster and render where thick or ‘rough’ coats are required. Fixing is easy using plaster dabs or galvanised nails (with galvanised beads) and the mesh wings provide resistance to cracking while offering a good key to the plaster or render.

Explore our range of Plaster and Render Beads

GAB Galvanised Angle Bead 45mm Wing
Plaster and render bead.  This traditional wet plaster bead provides a strong true corner or arris, with the mesh wings allowing for a good plaster key and resistance to cracking. Fixed by plaster dabs at approximately 600mm centres, push the wings into the dabs to allow for the required plaster depth, up to 13mm, then ensure the nose is set square and plumb as required. Generally for internal use only.
GWAB Galvanised Wide Angle Bead 63mm Wing
Plaster and render bead.  As GAB galvanised angle bead but with a wider wing to allow for more uneven corners and slightly deeper plaster, up to 16mm.
GPS Galvanised Plaster Stop Bead
Plaster and render bead.  Provides a straight and clean edge to wet plaster where it butts up to other materials such as door and window frames. Fixed with plaster or mortar dabs as above or can be nailed. Generally for internal use only. Stainless Steel or PVC-u. Recommended for external use.
GERS Galvanised External Render Stop (Bell) Bead
Plaster and render bead. Used where a neat drip or ‘bell-end’ lower edge is needed on external render. Fixed by mortar dabs or masonry nails. Although this is for external use we would generally recommend Stainless Steel or PVC-u for this application only using this product in sheltered or low rainfall areas.
GMB Galvanised Movement Bead
Plaster and render bead. Designed to be used to form movement joints in plaster or render where long wall runs either have movement joints in situ or where there is a need to allow for differential or thermal movement. The bead consists of two plaster stop lengths joined by a white pvc extrusion which allows for up to 4mm of movement and which is covered by a vinyl tape which is removed after plastering or rendering. Internal use only. We recommend Stainless Steel or PVC-u for external rendering.
GARB Galvanised Architrave Bead
A range of beads produced to allow for decorative finishes - i.e. shadow lines and recesses around door and window frames etc. The bead can either be supplied as an engaging bead or abutting bead with various plaster depths available. Internal use only.
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