The products in this section offer the end-user the ability to connect our restraint products to various substrates, metalwork and timbers. Selection of the correct product depends on the application and strengths required for the overall strength of our products in situ. Careful consideration should be given to ensure the right fixing is used.

Explore our range of Fixings

SELF Self Tapping Screws
Vista offer a range of self drill screws designed for use when fixing products to steel work. The high quality self drilling fastener is designed to give very rapid and accurate installation with precision drill points eliminating ‘skipactions’ to prevent damage to the face of the profile. Also available double threaded for our SFC system.
HFX Hammer Fixings
Cost effective solution for fast repetitive fixing into concrete and similar materials. Available in both stainless steel and zinc plated. Ideal for fixing products to a solid base material, these are easy to install and are used extensively for fixing of our products. Suitable for concrete, solid blocks, perforated bricks, hollow blocks and aerated concrete (aircrete). This hammer fixing is simply tapped in with a hammer - easy.
NEO Neoprene Washers
When fixing a stainless steel tie to a mild steel frame, an isolation pad should be used to separate the dissimilar metals and prevent a bimetallic reaction.
GUN Resin Gun
Vista offer high performance Epoxy Acrylate Resin suitable for using along with our remedial ties. All ties are supplied with one mixer nozzle. The resin gun is a high quality resin applicator which can be used more than once.
EXB Expansion Bolts
Available in stainless steel and zinc plated. These bolts are heavy duty and ideal for fixing into solid substances such as concrete.
NBW Nuts, Bolts and Washers
Supplied fully threaded complete with nut and washer. Ideal for fixing our range of head restraints to steelwork.
T – Head Bolts
Available to suit the Vista range of cast-in or surface fixed channels, our T-head bolts are manufactured from either stainless steel or hot dip galvanised steel and come in a variety of lengths and thread diameters to suit your requirements.
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