Remedial Ties

A product range used in existing cavity walls where wall ties have been omitted or have corroded.

Explore our range of Remedial Ties

V30 Wavy Tail Ties
These products allow the introduction of a cavity tie into a situation where no ties are present. Stainless Steel ‘wavy’ tail ties used for remedial applications and available in lengths of 150 - 300mm. Designed for use in conjunction with Vista resins.
REM Mechanical Remedial Ties
Remedial ties are used where existing cavity walls ties have had wall ties omitted, or where the wall ties have corroded and no longer perform their original function. Full installation instructions available on request.
Setting Tool
The setting tool is used in conjunction with REM ties. The tool is located over the brass ‘torque’ nut and tightened for the product to work correctly.
HELI Helical Ties
A range of 4.5mm, 6mm and 8mm helical ties for remedial work and in situations where there may be irregular coursing of brickwork to blockwork.
HELI Helical Bars
A range of helical bars offering solutions for crack stitching and other remedial work. Helical Bar sizes 3mm, 4.5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm. Supplied in individual lengths of 0.5m, 1m, 1.5m and 3m.
SureGrout SG60 (HELI-GROUT) is used for bonding metal components into masonry substrates, masonry bonding, bedding bearing plates, grouting and packing. Available in 3L or 6L tubs.
CS-KIT Crack-Stitching Kit
A two component system consisting of stainless steel 6mm bar and grout.  A fully certified helical crack-stitching system.
Grout Gun Set Complete with Nozzle
The grout gun and nozzle are designed to make the application of grout simple.
Hand Support Tool
The hand support tool allows the helical tie to be correctly installed manually without damaging the tie.
Power Support Tool
The new Power Support tool is designed to be used in both SDS and SDS Plus hammer drills.
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