Lateral Restraint Products

These products allow masonry walls to be restrained back to other elements of the structure. This could be pre-existing walls, or new or pre-existing steel work. the ties, once in position prevent sideways movement between a wall and another structure. Manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel.

Explore our range of Lateral Restraint Products

VE7 Frame Cramp
Frame cramp (supplied in stainless or galvanised steel) for restraining masonry to new or existing structures and for building in non-structural elements (frames etc).
VE7D Frame Cramp with Drip
Frame cramp supplied with a drip to prevent moisture crossing the cavity. Drip position 90mm from safety end as standard.
VS7 Slotted Frame Cramp
As VE7, but supplied with a slot in upstand to allow various fixings.
VS7D Slotted Frame Cramp with Drip
A VS7 but supplied with a drip to prevent moisture from crossing the cavity. Drip positioned 90mm from safety end as standard.
V7H Frame Cramp Dowel Hole
Frame cramp with 3 x 6.5mm holes in the projection for a dowel bar. Used to restrain stone cladding and coping stones. Dowels supplied separately.
V96 Wire Frame Cramp
Welded wire frame cramp for all applications, as the VE7, with added flexibility provided by a wire projection.
V63 Clasp Ties
Clasp tie, fixed to the side of a stanchion and used to restrain brickwork.
V97 Wire Clasp Tie
Wire clasp tie, fixed to the side of stanchion but also allowing extra movement with the flex of the wire section.
VCT Column Ties
A simple and cost effective product for restraining masonry back to ‘H’ section stanchions, providing four different slots to suit differing flange thicknesses.
VA7/VA7PE Frame Cramp
For offset fixing where masonry is not in line with the steel column. Angle with 7mm fixing hole as standard with fixed projection tie. Debonded plain end projection also available (VA7PE)
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