DSTC / SSTC Tooth Plate Connectors

For all applications to enhance bolt performance by reducing timber rotation and joint movement. Place between timbers on an M12 bolt prior to tightening.


Code Size Single-or-double-sided Units Quote
SSTC/38 D 38mm, H M12 Single 100 Box
DSTC/38 D 38mm, H M12 Double 100 Box
SSTC/50 D 50mm, H M12 Single 100 Box
DSTC/50 D 50mm, H M12 Double 100 Box
SSTC/63 D 63mm, H M12 Single 100 Box
DSTC/63 D 63mm, H M12 Double 100 Box
SSTC/75 D 75mm, H M12 Single 75 Box
DSTC/75 D 75mm, H M12 Double 75 Box

D= Overall diameter, H=Central hole size.

Special hole sizes are available to order.

Designed to improve the performance of bolted connections, timber connectors are manufactured in accordance with BS EN 912:200. Type C6/C7 and produced from 1mm thick galvanised steel to BS EN 10346:2009 DX51D +G275. Stainless steel and hot dipped galvanised after manufacture are also available.


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