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HELI Thin Joint Wall Tie
Code Size Units
HELI-6-ONE-XXX 6mm Diameter x 200, 220, 230, 240 and 250mm long 100
HELI-8-ONE-XXX 8mm Diameter x 195, 220, 245, 270 and 300mm long 100

Applications: Hammer-driven cavity wall tie, ideal for aircrete blockwork and applications where the joints of inner and outer leaves of masonry do not course.

Benefits: Ideal for aircrete blockwork, can be installed through insulation, flexibility accommodates structure movement, can be used with or without insulation, a quality stainless steel tie, can also be used where conventional bricks, blocks and concrete are used for the inner leaf.

Embedment: Ties should have a min. embedment of 75mm in the inner leaf of blockwork, and 70mm in the outer leaf of brickwork.

Installation:  1.Position the tie against the inner leaf so that the outer end will be located in the bed joint of the external leaf.  2. Hammer the tie through the insulation, and into the blockwork to the correct embedment depth.  3. Install an ECO Insulation Retaining Clip to restrain the insulation.  4. Build into the bed joint of the outer leaf ensuring the tie is surrounded by mortar.

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