TPT Two-Part Ties (New)

Two-part general-purpose wall tie used in small commercial buildings and domestic properties. Suitable for buildings with a maximum height of 15m and cavity widths from 150-375mm.  The Vista two-part tie allows larger cavities to be spanned.  (Type 2 Wall Tie)


Technical Drawning
Code Size Cavity Units DOP Quote
TPT-300-STST 300mm 151-175mm 200 Box
TPT-325-STST 325mm 176-200mm 200 Box
TPT-350-STST 350mm 201-225mm 200 Box
TPT-375-STST 375mm 226-250mm 100 Box
TPT-400-STST 400mm 251-275mm 100 Box
TPT-425-STST 425mm 276-300mm 100 Box
TPT-450-STST 450mm 301-325mm 100 Box
TPT-475-STST 475mm 326-350mm 100 Box
TPT-500-STST 500mm 351-375mm 100 Box
  • Application – A general-purpose wall tie for applications such as small commercial buildings and domestic properties. They are suitable for buildings with a maximum height of 15m and for flat sites where the basic wind speed is up to 31m/s and altitude is not greater than 150m above sea level.
  • Design – Two-part wall ties allow larger cavities (150mm to 375mm) to be spanned. They replaced long single ties whose weight sometimes caused them to overturn. The wider, flat section is built into the inner leaf as construction proceeds. The narrower section, with a V drip, is then locked into the wider section and built into the outer leaf as it lifts. The design of the new interlocking mechanism makes it easier to connect the two tie components as the outer leaf is built.
  • Material – Manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel.
  • Behaviour in relation to fire – Non combustible (as defined in the national Building Regulations).
  • Durability – Excellent corrosion resistance and a service life of not less than 60 years.
  • Compliance – Tested as Type B (sound) and as Type 2 (strength) to BS EN 845-1.
  • Specification – Available for specification on the NBS Source platform.

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