VEW3 Spine Posts

Sitting within the width of a single block, VEW3 Spine Posts add strength without ruining the ‘fair faced’ finish of internal walls.


VEW3 Spine Posts add strength and stability to single leaf walls without protruding beyond the width of the blockwork. In this way, decorative wall surfaces and ‘fair faced’ finishes are possible without compromising on safety. Although the width of VEW3 Spine Posts is limited by the width of the masonry (we recommend they sit within the wall by at least 10mm either side), the thickness of the post itself can be increased to add to its load capacity.

Vista VEW3 Spine Post Properties

The tables below show section properties, recommended resistance loads and design resistance loads for VEW3 Spine Posts acting as simply supported beams. For further information on alternative VEW3 Spine Post sections and loadings for posts designed as propped cantilevers, please contact Vista Engineering.


Vista WPT2

Spine posts are tied in using Vista WPT2 ties. These are usually supplied 200mm long and can be ordered with a debonding sleeve for spine posts being used at movement joint locations.



VEW3 Spine Post Connection Examples


Head fixed using M12 M.D. Anchor into concrete slab.

Base fixed using M12 FBN II Anchor into concrete slab.



Head fixed using M12 H.S. Anchor into R.H.S.

Base fixed using M12 Isolated Setscrews into steelwork.



Head fixed using M12 Coachscrew into timber wallplate.

Base fixed using M12 FBN II Anchor into concrete slab.



Performance Tables

Windposts are designed as simply supported beams with a maximum design strength of 230N/mm2 and a maximum deflection of span/360. Design resistances should be compared with factored loads. Recommended loads include a variance factor of 1.5

VEW3 SPINE POSTS - Recommended resistance

Windpost Section Size Recommended resistance (UDL) kN per post
2.5m 3m 3.5m 4m 4.5m 5m 5.5m 6m
90 x 8 3 2.2 1.65
100 x 8 3.95 2.9 2.2 1.7 1.35
110 x 8 5 3.75 2.9 2.25 1.8 1.45
120 x 8 6.25 4.75 3.7 2.9 2.35 1.9 1.6 1.35


VEW3 SPINE POSTS - Design resistance

Windpost Section Size Design resistance (UDL) kN per post
2.5m 3m 3.5m 4m 4.5m 5m 5.5m 6m
90 x 8 4.5 3.3 2.48
100 x 8 5.93 4.35 3.3 2.55 2.03
110 x 8 7.5 5.63 4.35 3.38 2.7 2.18
120 x 8 9.38 7.13 5.55 4.35 3.53 2.85 2.4 2.03


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