V26 Traditional Double Triangle Wall Ties

Traditional Double Triangle, general-purpose wall tie used in small commercial buildings and domestic properties. Suitable for buildings with a maximum height of 15m and cavity widths from 0-150mm. (Type 2 & 3* Wall Tie)


Technical Drawning
Code Size Cavity Units DOP Quote
V26-150-STST 150mm 0mm 250 Bundle
V26-250-STST 250mm 101-125mm 250 Bundle
V26-275-STST *† 275mm 126-150mm 250 Bundle
V26-300-STST *† 300mm 151-175mm 250 Bundle

*For a Type 3 tie ask for the V26-275-STST or V26-300-STST.

†These products feature an offset drip.

  • Application – Type 2 - A general-purpose wall tie for applications such as small commercial buildings and domestic properties. They are suitable for buildings with a maximum height if 15m and for flat sites where the basic wind speed is up to 31m/s and altitude is not greater than 150m above sea level. Type 3 - As Type 2 but where the basic wind speed does not exceed 27m/s.
  • Design – Traditional Double Triangle wall tie previously to BS1243. Multidrip feature to prevent moisture travelling across the cavity. Design means the tie can be installed either way up.
  • Material – Manufactured from grade 304 stainless steel.
  • Behaviour in relation to fire – Non combustable (as defined in the national Building Regulations).
  • Durability – Excellent corrosion resistance and a service life of not less than 60 years.
  • Compliance – Tested as Type B (sound) and as Type 2 & 3* (strength) to BS EN 845-1.
  • Specification – Available for specification as a Type 2 wall tie or as a Type 3 wall tie on the NBS Source platform.

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