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V8PE Dovetail Plain End Ties
Code Sizes (Projection) Units DOP
V8PE-75-STST 75mm 250 box
V8PE-100-STST 100mm 250 box
V8PE-125-STST 125mm 250 box
V8PE-150-STST 150mm 250 box
V8PE-175-STST 175mm 250 box
V8PE-200-STST 200mm 250 box
V8PE-225-STST 225mm 200 box
V8PE-250-STST 250mm 200 box
V8PE-275-STST 275mm 200 box
V8PE-300-STST 300mm 200 box
  • Design – This product allows lateral movement between masonry and a fixed channel or slot. (Sleeve supplied as extra).
  • Material – Manufactured from  grade 304 stainless steel.
  • Behaviour in relation to fire – Non combustible (as defined in the national Building Regulations).
  • Durability – Excellent corrosion resistance and a service life of not less than 60 years.
  • Compliance – Tested in Shear to BS EN 846-7:2012.  Shear Load Capacity 1180N.